Method 2: How to Delete All Mails in iOS 12 on iPhone/iPad Step 1: Open Email and then click on Inbox or Sent or whatever category. Step 2: Now, Select one email and press and hold Move option. Step 3: This will move all the emails to junk or trash. Step 4: Once all the emails are in Trash you. How to Delete All Emails in one go in iOS Mail app. It can be a lengthy and tedious process, scrolling through your inbox, tapping every email individually so that you can delete them. As of yet, Apple hasn’t introduced a 1-button solution to the problem. Luckily for us, there is a work-around, and it doesn’t even involve restoring from a backup, or resetting your iPhone or iPad in any way. Don't Miss: The 5 Best Free Email Clients for iOS; Step 1: Filter Your Mail. For starters, go to any folder you wish to purge of unread emails from the Mailboxes view. It could be a default folder for each account like "Inbox" or "Archive" or a folder you made yourself.

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This simple trick will work in any one of your email folders, whether they're flagged or unread. So if you're interested in deleting junk email en masse, I'll show you how to take advantage of this nifty bug now, because it could go away with the arrival of future iOS updates though, it's already lasted three major iOS updates so far. It could be a default folder for each account like "Inbox" or "Archive" or a folder you made yourself. Once inside, if you want to get rid of everything in that folder, there's no need to filter it at all.

Skip to Step 2 if that's your case. Otherwise, if you want to be more selective, tap on the three-line filter icon in the lower left, where you can weed out your inbox by selecting either "Unread" or "Flagged" from the Include section. Any filter or combination of filters on the page will work. In my example, we'll just be deleting all unread emails from the folder, how to delete email in ios mail.

how to delete email in ios mail

Once you're confident that nothing significant is in there, tap on "Edit," then "Delete All" to purge your email app of any trashed mail. You could also wait until they auto-delete, if enabled, which could be after one day, one week, or one month.


Gadget Hacks Deleting emails can be a tedious process on the iPhone, especially since the "Trash All" options have been removed ever since iOS 10 first came out. Though likely well-intentioned, this change places an undue burden on all of us iPhone owners who now have to erase emails individually.

how to delete email in ios mail

Step 2: Save Any Wanted to Emails The next thing you'll want to do is check to see if there are any emails you want to keep, so scroll through the filtered view to make sure you won't be deleting something important. If you find anything you don't want to delete, there how to delete email in ios mail multiple things you can do. Option 1: Move to Another Folder Select the email, tap the folder button at the bottom, then move it to a different mailbox.



To turn off automatic mail check for an account on an iPhone: From the Settings app, go to Passwords & Accounts. Some older versions of iOS don't have that menu item. Instead, go to Mail > Accounts. Open Fetch New Data. Tap the desired email account. Make sure Manual is selected. How to Delete All Emails on iPhone in iOS 11/iOS 10 Step 1. Check Your Email Account Settings. Before we start, please make sure that you have set the discard emails will be moved into Deleted Mailbox, not Archive Mailbox. To check it: Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts. Choose your email account to see account details and tap on Advanced. Tap Deleted Mailbox under the section “Move Discard . Sep 27,  · How to "Delete All" Mail in iOS 10 Open the Mail app in iOS Go to the inbox or mailbox folder you want to delete all emails from. Tap on the "Edit" button in the upper right corner. Now manually tap on every single email you want to delete, .

Tap-and-hold the "Move" button at the bottom, but don't let go just yet. Next, tap to deselect the email you highlighted, then you can release your finger from the "Move" button. This will cause all emails in the filtered view to be selected at once, so tap "Trash" on the next screen to delete them all.


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You can tap the filter button again the folder view to see what's left. If you're worried that you might have deleted an important email, you can still go to your trash bin and give it one final look before the emails are permanently deleted.

Erasing them individually can equate to a significant amount of wasted time — just how to delete email in ios mail out the video below if you don't believe me, which applies to iOS 10, iOS 11, and iOS Thankfully, there's a little-known bug that you can still use to delete all unwanted emails in one go.

Step 3: Perform a Bulk Delete Once you're sure that only unwanted emails are left, it's how to delete email in ios mail to proceed, so go ahead and tap on "Edit" in the upper right. Once in edit mode, how to delete email in ios mail, select just one email by tapping the circle to the left of it.

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However, that will unintentionally mark the next email as read since it will automatically show it, so you'd have to mark it as unread before continuing. That's why it's better to use the alternative way, which also lets you save multiple emails at once: Tap "Edit" in the top right of the folder view, select all the emails you want to keep, then tap "Move" and select the appropriate folder. If you have multiple emails you want to mark read, tap "Edit" in the top right of the folder view instead, select all the emails you want to save, then tap "Mark" and "Mark as Read, how to delete email in ios mail.