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why can i only type numbers on my keyboard

If your keyboard suddenly won't type numbers, you have probably hit the "Number Lock" key on your keyboard without realizing it. Luckily, this issue is easily resolved. Number Lock On When the number lock on your keyboard is turned on, you are able to use the number pad to type numbers on your screen.

Why can I only type numbers instead of letters on my Windows 7 Starter Acer netbook?

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why can i only type numbers on my keyboard

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If your keyboard stops typing numbers, hit the "Num Lock" key once to toggle it back into the "On" position. Laptops Laptop keyboards generally don't have a number lock key. If your laptop only has a single row of numbers along the top, why can i only type numbers on my keyboard, and not a small number pad in the lower right corner, you probably don't have the number lock option available. If your number keys stop functioning as normal on a laptop, check the "fn" key -- if that key is stuck, your number keys start to function as the "F1, F2, etc.

Jan 18,  · I understand you need this also at login screen so you may try this (or maybe not depends on that what you called virtual keyboard): Click the Easy of Access icon in the left bottom corner of the login screen Select Type without a keyboard and press Apply; From now on you can type using On-Screen Keyboard. Can you write 5 using On-Screen Keyboard? Dec 23,  · The computer was badly corrupted with a virus. I have reformatted the hard drive and flashed the BIOS. Now when I do to reinstall the Windows XP operating system disk, I am unable to type in the product code. The keyboard lets me type letters but it doesn't let me type numbers. It gives me symbols instead of the numbers. Can anyone help? Jul 17,  · Keyboard and Mouse won\'t work at Vista login screen: How can i access computer when keyboardand mouse stop working: Problems with vista desktop computer keyboard and mouse: Until something better comes along for the keyboard/mouse issue with the Acer Why wont my dell computer recognize the keyboard and mouse.

Hardware Problems If checking the "Num Lock" or "fn" key on your computer keyboard does not resolve the problem of your number keys not working, it is always possible that there is an issue with your actual keyboard. If you are working on a desktop computer, try swapping out your current keyboard with another one to see if the same problem exists -- if it doesn't, your keyboard is the issue.

The number lock key is often located in the bottom left corner of your keyboard, and sometimes an LED light at the top of your keyboard lets you know when the number lock is on or off. Because keys are too small to include the entire title, your number lock key typically says why can i only type numbers on my keyboard Lock.

Instead, the number keys serve as various other keyboard functions. For instance, when the number lock is off, the "2" key functions as a "Down Why can i only type numbers on my keyboard key and the "8" key is the "Up Arrow" key.


Mar 15,  · A friend came over with his pc trying to test it so no problem, plugged all his things in, monitor keyboard mouse and everything working just fine, excepting for the keys number 5 and 6 working only. All computer keyboards contain a set of number keys, sometimes two, that can be used to type numbers within a document or calculate a formula on the internal calculator. If your keyboard suddenly won't type numbers, you have probably hit the "Number Lock" key on your keyboard without realizing it. In XP You need to go to Control Panel and double click on Regional and Language options (switch to classic view if you can't find it), click on tab Languages click on button Details Now you can.